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Tobermory Foto Workshop

Tobermory is located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Known for it’s crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs and jagged shoreline, Tobermory is an excellent location for inspirational photography.


3 nights/4 days

Space is limited to 8 participants only.
The workshop fee of $450 is payable at time of registration.
Course Instructors: Louis Au & Ariel Estulin

This workshop is for beginner to intermediate-level photographer. Located at the northern tip of Bruce Peninsula National Park, Tobermory really is a hidden gem for landscape photographers. The opportunities here are endless.

We keep our workshop groups small, so what you’ll receive is hands-on, one-on-one photography instruction. Student to instructor ratio is 4:1. If you’re just a beginner, not to worry, we’ll cover the basics of camera control, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO – how and when to use them. Over the course of the workshop we’ll discuss composition and how to create engaging and powerful images by employing the rule of thirds, leading lines and depth of field.

Photo critique is a big part of the process. Every night we’ll sit down with each participant and critique your days work. This gives you an opportunity for immediate feedback which is critical in the learning process. We’ll also show you how to post processing your images. In digital photography the image capture is just the beginning, the real fun is creating your images in post production.

Our goal for this workshop is to capture a sense of place in this unique landscape environment. If you have any other questions about this workshop, send us an EMAIL.



Our workshop schedule is flexible but we will be heading out to a number of key shooting locations, all within a short drive. Depending on conditions and weather, well have the flexibility to pick and choose where to go.

Day 1 (Thur):
We meet in the early evening. Location details will be provided to participants. We’ll settle in and go out to photograph the sunset.

Day 2 (Fri):
Up bright and early for a sunrise shoot followed by breakfast. We start today’s photo session with a location shoot. We’ll break for lunch and then head back to photography. In the evening we gather for dinner and then again venture out for a sunset shoot. Tobermory is one of the darkest spots for night photography in Ontario. And for the next few nights, if the sky is clear, well have an excellent opportunity to photograph the stars. We’ll take time today to go over the post production process and review participants images.

Day 3 (Sat):
A similar schedule to yesterday. Up bright and early for a sunrise shoot followed by breakfast. After breakfast we head out for a location shoot. Break for lunch and then head back for more photography. In the evening we gather for dinner and then more photography. We’ll take time today to go over the post production process and review participants images.

Day 4 (Sun):
An early morning start again to capture the sunrise. Breakfast, then more photography. We finish the workshop just after lunch and depart back home.



Our workshop philosophy is really simple. You bring the gear, and we provide the photography instruction. It’s one of the ways we are able to make these workshops affordable.

What about accommodations?
Once participants are registered, we will send you information on accommodation options. They range from tent camping in Bruce Peninsula National Park to hotels/resorts, all depends what your budget is. Participants will be responsible to pay for their own accommodations.

What about meals?
There are many choices of restaurants in the village of Tobermory and surrounding area.

For those who are camping, there is an option to purchase a meal plan for the workshop. All meals are prepared on-site and are guaranteed to be delicious! Cost will be $130/person.

This will include:

  • Thursday. evening snacks
  • Friday. breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Saturday. breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Sunday. breakfast and lunch
  • Tea, coffee and drinking water
  • Eating utensils (bowls, plates, cups, cutlery etc.)

What’s included in the workshop?

  • photography instruction
  • parking fees
  • park fees

What’s not included in the workshop?

  • camera equipment
  • transportation to/from location (we’ll try arrange carpooling with participants)

Still have more questions, send us an EMAIL.