John R. Southern  Creative Solution Developer

I recently attended the "Streamline your Workflow with Aperture" course offered by Pikto, for which Louis was the instructor. It was fantastic. 

The breadth and depth of knowledge on subject matter areas covered in the workshop, along with Louis' ability to explain concepts concisely was very helpful. His relaxed teaching style was much appreciated as well, by all who attended. Furthermore, his industry experience supported the sense that the knowledge being shared was pertinent and his techniques and practices well worth adopting. 

I look forward to attending more of his workshops and would definitely recommend him to others.

Richard Koegl  Owner, Oasis Inc.

I met Louis Au in a Pikto series of classes covering 'digital workflow'. As a professional photographer with a classic background in film, I have had to move with the times and learn all aspects of digital photogaphy. The 'Pikto Sessions' were enligtening under Louis' instruction - he is knowledgable, intuitive, and positively reactive to differing levels of expertise (class situations are tremendously challenging to an instructor) and above all - very user-friendly (and easy-going!). I learned a great deal and have since engaged Louis on a consulting basis for my photographer business Oasis Inc. Louis provided private tutoring which addressed my immediate technical, supportive and creative demands (and challenges). Louis not only knows his subject matter, he is omni-present in the workplace as Manager of Masterfile. He knows the current / latest software, hardware and otherwise as he works for and with professional photogs every day. Louis is a great resource and from my own experience, would highly recommend him for class or private instruction, or for just getting to the biz that much better from a different perspective.

Paul Teolis  Animation Technical Director, & Professional Photographer

I have known Louis for several years and have had the pleasure of both exhibiting and lecturing alongside him on a couple of occasions. I have taken several of his courses to simply find out what I don't know and Louis' technical knowledge of photography software and workflow is unsurpassed. Simple, clear direction define his classes and make learning fun and exciting. 

It is rare to find individuals with a strong technical background and are at the same time solid creative photographers.

Felicia Cohen  Photography specialist in on-set art direction, production and editing

Louis is an articulate and knowledgeable specialist. He is service-oriented, technically excelling, and very talented. I would highly recommend him.

Elizabeth Knox  Commercial Photographer, Knoxpix

Louis always provided exacting information and guidance with respect to digital imaging in a friendly and timely manner. He's both very committed and highly-knowledgable: a truly valuable combination.

Diana Renelli  Independent Photographer

I first met Louis through the Lightroom course he teaches at Pikto. Through this day course, he demystified many of my misconceptions about various photographic software programs. His teaching style and ability to reach photographers of varying skill levels made me thirsty to intensify my knowledge of Lightroom and photography. 

Louis’ breadth of knowledge, enthusiasm and his love for photography inspired me to purchase a series of one-to-one training sessions from him in order to improve my skill level from a technological point of view as well as artistic. His ability to adapt to my learning style and provide me with the right amount of information at the right time so as not to overwhelm, is for me, one of his greatest assets as a teacher. I also benefitted from his incorporation of large doses of patience and humour to diffuse the intimidation I felt towards the technology aspect of photography. 

I have continued to learn about the ins and outs of photography over the course of the last few years through Louis, whether they be business or artistically related. Through his self-started f11project, he has nurtured my foray into the fine art photography realm by curating two of my photo exhibits. He has also created a promotional video for my latest show which has allowed me to approach galleries with a dynamic and colourful look into my motivations as an artist. Louis’ integrity, professionalism and ability to go the extra mile to produce excellent quality work is integral to the fabric of his character. 

Julie Clark  Mixed Media Artist, Photographer

I met Louis in 2009 while attending his Lightroom workshop at Pikto. Since then I have attended some of his F11 artist's talks, had my work exhibited at the Rivoli, and hired him to help me with technical support. I highly recommend Louis for any type of teaching. He excels at getting the required information across in a clear and concise manner, takes the time to answer questions and is an interesting and entertaining teacher. He is also great at problem solving and helped me install a tricky incremental backup system for my Lightroom catalogue. He is up to date on all things digital and would be an asset to anyone looking for education or support in this field.

Mavin Wong  Amateur Photographer

I've really enjoyed working with Louis Au. I met Louis when he was teaching an Aperture 3 class and then I hired him for some private lessons. Louis often works with professional photographers, but for keen amateurs like me, Louis' instruction is helpful, informative, and easy to understand. Louis is patient and very knowledgeable. He's always up on the latest upgrade and ways to manage my workflow. Plus he's a great photographer and I am always appreciative of his advice on how to improve my photography.