April 24th - August 14th, 2016

The Rivoli Lounge. 334 Queen Street West, 2nd Floor, Toronto M5V 2A2

Photography by Victor Yeung.

One of my fascinations as a photographer is the process of observation - looking at and seeing things. So while I like to capture in camera the people and places that catch my eye, I'm also interested in what catches the eye of others - that which they choose to look at, that which they can't help but look at, that which they choose to ignore and that to which they are oblivious.

What catches my eye are the decisive moments, when all the elements in a scene come together to best tell a story, the quiet moments in between that are more about mood than action and the moments of transition yet in between those where on the surface, everything is visual chaos, but on occasion you can see these odd but compelling tableaus forming which are rife with so many story possibilities.

This show is an attempt at weaving together a tapestry of my own observations with those of others to comment on the observation process itself.

• Victor Yeung

Victor Yeung is a photographer specializing in people and places. He can often be found walking the streets of Toronto taking in life's rich pageant. He can be contacted at victor8yeung@gmail.com . You can see more of his work at victoryeungphotography.com .