Latest Round Content 360 Video - Wheel of Fate

Check out this latest 360 video we did in Niagara Falls with daredevils Hans and Natalia Winn from Zero Gravity Circus

 Wheel of Fate with Hans and Natalia Winn

Wheel of Fate with Hans and Natalia Winn

Sight & Sound of Kathmandu, Nepal

Sight & Sound of Kathmandu, Nepal

Short video of Kathmandu from the recent 'Nepal & Mt. Everest Photo Workshop' that I was co-leading with Outdoor Photo Journey.

Franklin Island Photo Workshop Video

I have put together a very short video of last weekend's workshop up in Georgian Bay. 

Ian Busher Epoxy Resin Finish Video

Life After Digital Artist Talk Series
Towards a Near-Perfect Epoxy Resin Finish by Ian Busher
Presented by Colourgenics

A professional carpenter with a formal education in painting from OCAD, Toronto photographer Ian Busher experiments with colour, form and texture to create imaginative, abstract images from scenes of decay.

Harnessing his skill as a craftsman, he uses epoxy resin to give his work an enticing textural quality. He is often complimented on the impeccable (some would say immaculate) quality of his finishes.

Here's the link to the video on Vimeo.