Happy Holidays

 Angel on the rock

Angel on the rock

It's hard the believe that it is only two days left before Christmas and 2016 is a little over a week away. As you get ready for the new year, we wish you peace and laughter this holiday season with friends and family! 

We look forward to another exciting year of events, exhibitions and workshops.

Happy Holidays from f11project.

Art Activism Against Gender-based Violence Art-Making Event

Event organized by Association for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia (ALPHA)

1173 Queen Street East, Toronto M4M1L5


To bring awareness to the issues of military sexual slavery, Toronto ALPHA joins the U.N. international campaign for activism against gender-based violence this year. In this art-making event, you will get the opportunity to create artistic expressions inspired by an exploration into issues related to Japanese military sexual slavery during WWII and instances of military sexual slavery around the world today.

The evening will look something like this:
- Brief introduction
- Content Exploration: short video clips, articles, discussion questions - Art-Making Session (1 hour 45 minutes)
- Sharing

Toronto ALPHA will cover most of cost for the evening so we ask that each artist pitch in $10.00. Acrylic paints, brushes, and a preloved canvas (16x20 or 12x12), 1 ALPHA facilitator, and a chillout lounge are included in that price.

We look forward to the creative expression and the sparks that will happen when imaginative minds come together for social activism.

This event is for 6 - 10 participants. For questions and sign-up (state interest and attach an image of your work), please email joy.leeryan@torontoalpha.org