New Photography Show 'Once' by Nino Ardizzi

f11project is proud to present 'Once' by Nino Ardizzi at The Rivoli Lounge

August 30th - November 29th, 2015

The Rivoli Lounge. 334 Queen Street West, 2nd Floor, Toronto M5V 2A2


About this series:

In life, we encounter strangers on a daily basis where we have the opportunity to connect 1:1 with each other. What do you do in that moment of eye contact? Do you pretend not to notice or do you seize the opportunity and make a connection?

These images represent my “ONCE”. One time chance encounters with complete strangers. In spite of growing up in a world where we are taught at a very young age to fear & “never talk to strangers”, I personally love seizing these moments to connect with a stranger, however brief. Sometimes they result in rich conversations and sometimes they are fleeting moments of connection as photographer and subject.

Ultimately, my life has been enriched having been touched by these individuals. I know I will likely never see them again as they will never see me again. However, in spite of this fleeting moment, they remain burned in my memory with fondness and frozen in time by the magic of photography.

My thanks and appreciation to each of you for taking the risk to say hello with me… a total stranger!

~ Nino Ardizzi

f11 project

Toronto, Canada