Naninoo and the Mystifying Cuccubarro

Life After Digital Artist Talk Series 2013
Naninoo and the Mystifying Cuccubarro by Kathleen Finlay and Giovanni Pittalis

Kathleen Finlay and Italian-born multimedia artist Giovanni Pittalis spoke on June 19th, 2013 as part of the Life After Digital series about their work on a Children's book titled Naninoo and the Mystifying Cuccubarro. Finlay's collaboration with Pittalis, whose work as an illustrator, stylist and art director includes time with Jim Henson Productions, gave birth to richly colored, unique characters and elaborate dioramas that will engage young readers’ minds.

This interactive talk revealed behind-the-scenes details about the production of these intricate, sculpture-based images, and feature some of the physical pieces involved.


f11 project

Toronto, Canada