Adobe Lightroom 5


Now that the new version of Lightroom is out. Some of you will probably be asking yourselves this one question. Should I upgrade to version 5?  The answer to that question is of course, it depends

If you are a pro or a heavy user i.e. 3 hours plus daily Lightrooming, it is a no brainer. If you are coming from version 3 or earlier, it is also a very significant and worthwhile upgrade.  If you are running Lightroom 4 already and lusting after the new features is not your thing, then skip this one and wait for version 6.

So why don't we have a look at the cost of the upgrade? As long as you own a license of Lightroom (version 1x to 4x), the upgrade price for version 5 is $79.  If you spread it out to 12 months, the monthly cost of the upgrade is only $6.58. It costs a little more than your average fancy beverage at the local Starbuck. Not a bad investment at all if you look at it that way.

Let's check out the short list of Lightroom 5 new features.

  • Advanced Healing Brush
       visualize (dust) spots
       irregular shapes clone or heal brush
  • Radial Gradient
  • Upright (perspective/straightening correction)
  • Smart Previews
  • Video Slideshows
  • New Full Screen Mode

If you shoot architecture often, the Upright perspective correction tool is a must have. The irregular shape healing/cloning brush tool will save you trips to Photoshop for more complex retouching. For these 2 tools alone, it is worth the cost of the upgrade in my opinion.

If you need more info on the new features on Lightroom 5, please visit Adobe Lightroom 5's Features page here. For tutorials on the new features, you can go to the AdobeTV series hosted by Julieanne Kost here.

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