"Rearview' Exhibit Opening

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival 2013

f11project is proud to present 'Rearview' by Diana Renelli at The Rivoli Lounge.

April 28th - June 29th, 2013

Opening Reception: May 9th, 2013.   7 - 10 PM.


About the series:

Diana Renelli likes to play with reflection, which results in images that are by turns dreamlike, striking, eerie, and evocative. She is drawn toward the layering of shadows found on glass, and she creates intriguing images by photographing ordinary objects through this transitional barrier. 

In Rearview, talismans such as crystal rosaries, beaded mandalas, or miniature pagodas hang suspended from mirrors inside vehicles. These religious icons acquire mysterious meaning; reflections from the outside intrude upon objects in the interior, creating mood and story. The glass gives rise to an ambiguity that forces the viewer to become conscious of the space itself, and this leads to a redefinition of the suspended object. In addition, the fact that such intensely personal articles are on open display results in an intriguing tension between the private and the public. 

Other opposing dynamics appear – a figurine of the Virgin Mary hangs in front of a lacy wedding garter; a metal swastika, with all its conflicting historical connotations, dangles beside a peaceful Buddha, backlit with a golden glow ... a variety of amulets, pendants, medals, and charms stand out against Toronto street reflections.

~ Diana Renelli 2013

f11 project

Toronto, Canada