HOW-TO with Louis Au

 Badlands, South Dakota, USA

Badlands, South Dakota, USA

'The sharpness of the image recorded on your camera is affected by many factors: focus, lens, aperture, shutter speed, raw or jpeg format.

The process of sharpening is done through software tools by increasing the contrast along edges of pixels and enhancing them to heighten image definition. Applying sharpening to your images is both a technical and creative process. It can help emphasize texture and detail and it is essential when resizing for the final output. The difficulty always lies in knowing how much to apply.

Sharpening should be thought of as a multi stage approach within your workflow. There are three stages where a file can be sharpened: Raw Capture, Post-Processing and Output.'

My new article on image sharpening is now live on Crestock blog . If you want to check out some general image sharpening tips, please go visit the Crestock blog post here.

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