Harbin, Manchuria

[caption id="attachment_619" align="aligncenter" width="604" caption="St. Sophia Church, Harbin, China"]St. Sophia Church, Harbin, China[/caption] Софийский собор в Харбине

This beautiful 1907 Russian Neo-Byzantine Orthodox church can be found in the downtown core of Harbin near the main train station. Standing at 53.3 metres tall, it is considered to be the largest Eastern Orthodox church in the Far East. It occupies 721 square metres and the structure is laid out like a cross.

The Russians had a long history in the city of Harbin. Back in 1921, there were 100,000 Russians that made up the 300,000 inhabitants.

By 1900's, the church had undergone significant decline. In 1996, St. Sophia Church was designated as a national cultural heritage site. Considerable effort had been made to restore the church by the local population. In 1997, this church had been turned into the Municipal Architecture and Art Museum.

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