Forgotten Voices, Living History

I had the privilege of participating in last weekend’s Association for Learning and Preserving the History of World War II in Asia conference. The conference centred on the atrocities committed by the Japanese army during WW II  particularly in the infamous ‘Nanjing Massacre’ and the denial of systematic deployment of the ‘Comfort Women’.

I acted as one of the onsite photographers documenting the 3-day event and I had the opportunity to meet some of the scholars, educators and activists from China, Japan, Korea, USA and Canada specializing in the WW II history in Asia.

It was a lot of shooting and a lot of editing. Thanks to Aperture, I was able to edit 3000 plus images and deliver a slideshow overnight.

You can check out the Toronto Star write up on one of ‘Comfort Women’ survivor here. For more info on Toronto ALPHA, you can visit their site here.

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Toronto, Canada