photo by Ron Stroud 2016

photo by Ron Stroud 2016

Hi, my name is Louis Au. I was born on the other side of the planet and now I make my bed in Toronto. Along the way I fell in love with photography, earned a BFA and learned figure drawing among other things. Curiosity is vital. I am passionate about documenting the culturally diverse world through my camera.

I’ve been called a portrait, event, travel and fine art image maker. Photography has been my profession for the past 20 plus years. From my early days inhaling chemicals in the darkroom to pixel peeping in front of my computer screen now, the creative process of image making remains unchanged. It is always about “capturing” the moment and the sense of place, regardless of the medium.


about f11project
In May 2009, f11project was founded to provide photographic services and travel foto workshops. As an ardent educator, I also provide hands-on digital capture training for local and overseas photographers through f11project.
With all of these activities on my plate, it’s comforting to know that I won’t be gaining weight any time soon. 

photography services
Here at f11project, we specialize in Corporate and Environmental Portraits, On-Site Corporate Reportage, Private and Corporate Events Photography.

consultation & training
Photography Mentoring. Expert training is also available for individuals and small groups in portrait photography, capture technology and workflow. Advanced level of fluency with the industry’s leading digital imaging software - Phase One Capture One Pro, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Design and implement digital workflow plus file management strategies. Training can also be highly customized to fit individual needs.